Saturday, 11 July 2009

Slow Blog Day

Thursday 09/07/09

Nothing to show for my work today - it's all prep for future paintings and other boring studio stuff - but for the sake of something to post and because I blogged about them way back, I can put up the images of the paintings I did for the commission of Prior Park college. The gift has been given and there's no more secrecy:

Oh yeah, guess what else? Last night I had a dream in which I had a hair growing on (not in) my ear that was over two metres long and dangled behind me trailing on the floor. I was not very happy with any of my family for not telling me and it proved very difficult to cut off. When I finally got the bugger and it lay on the floor it turned out to be not one hair, but a whole damn bunch of them - all of which had been sprouting off my ear.

Slow blog day or what?!

Friday 10/07/09

A bit of brightness in the morning and I can work on the down town Southgate painting. It's still a struggle with so much going on and a long list of issues:
  1. They've moved the orange barriers along slightly;
  2. I haven't got a green paint that can capture the flourescent jackets the builders are wearing;
  3. The dumper truck is no longer in position, replaced by a big green digger;
  4. I need something on the left of the picture - I had toyed with a big bus, but in the end chicken out and put a car in;
  5. Someone kicks the easel, but that probably goes without saying (that along with the PB question which I haven't listed, but have ended up mentioning again anyway - duh!). If I've learnt one thing painting on the streets, it's that no matter where you place the easel or how wide the pavement, someone will kick it. It's an unwritten law of plein aire painting or something.


  1. Me gustan mucho tus pinturas!!!!Soy artista plastica de argentina,y te deseo exitos!!!