Sunday 19 December 2010

Christmas parties

Two in a row was always going to be tough.

I get through Thursday night okay by leaving early, but Friday it all goes Pete Tong:
  • I loose my bow tie
  • I spill red wine all down my shirt (dancing while drinking never works)
  • I do okay on the bucking reindeer
  • I hog the karaoke microphone and murder Queen, Elton John, Abba ... and the list goes on
  • I round it all off by asking the taxi driver if I can paint his portrait.
Oh dear.

On the plus side ....

here's some sketches purporting to be of Jeffrey Archer.

I just can't seem to get the likeness right, so here's a sketch of Casares in Spain that I do like:

Thursday 9 December 2010

Day Three

Who's idea was this? Oh, yes, ... mine.

Was it such a bad one? Where did it all go wrong? Maybe I should have taken more care in drawing the booth:

- it did sort of go wonkey. Maybe people thought they'd get a wonkey head picture or something - as if...

Live & learn. No paying trade, but here's a couple of willing assistants that helped while away the time:

Sunday 5 December 2010

Day Two

You want day two?

You Want Day Two?!!


It was that bad, but at least I had a chair to draw ..

And another one for the animal lovers:

Saturday 4 December 2010

Day One

It could have gone worse, I mean it's not as if I stood like a lemon in a stupid outfit for three hours without selling anything. Oh no, wait ...

It's bound to get better over the weekend - I mean you can understand that Friday night was always going to be a bit slow, but the weekend, yeah, they'll be queuing round the block ...

And at least England are stuffing the Aussies in the cricket.

Here's some more warm up stuff:

And one for the animal lovers: