Thursday 21 February 2013


It's one of those painting days where nothing seems to go according to plan. It's my own fault - I just grabbed my bag and ran out the door, forgetting the 1st rule of PAP: ALWAYS CHECK YOUR STUFF.

So I get to the Crescent (yeah, yeah, I know I've done it a million times already, but I've got this idea see ....) and I find I haven't got all my paints and I've only got my reject brushes. On top of this there's a bitter wind so I almost give up before I start. But I don't and you can judge for yourself what painting with sticks looks like without any cadmium red. I guess it could have been worse. I say that of course, but that's ignoring the guy who stood behind me for five minutes - way too close (he doesn't need to stand that close. why's he standing that close? is there something in my ear?) and ... humming! Grrrr

Roll on spring.