Sunday 18 September 2011

More summer

Another painting of the Royal Crescent, but this time it's up close - up close and personal...

A few things of interest:
  • A squirrel runs across the road and up the steps. He pauses, sniffing the air before running off into the small garden underneath the left hand window.
  • Some media type peepel turn up for a photo shoot and this model runs up and down in front of me with a dog at her heels while the photographer snaps away with his impressive lens.
  • The squirrel comes back. He's carrying something big in his mouth as he scampers down the steps and back across the road to safety.
  • The media peepel turn up again, but this time the model is in a different outfit. No running this time, but still with the dog. She tries to look thoughtful yet stylish while still holding a big model grin.
  • Someone laughs wildly in the distance. Whatever it was, I can't believe it was that funny.

Saturday 10 September 2011


The last few days of summer (what summer?!) and I try and make an effort. It all goes horribly wrong when I set up and realise I've forgotten to bring any white paint. I try and compensate for the fundamental error by digging into this big heap of old dried white(ish) stuff on the edge of my palette and scraping it across the board, but it's no help with the delicate highlights on the windows and the little pinky bits (technical term) on the clouds. I have to give up and come back to finish it, but in the end I think it gets there:

Saturday 3 September 2011


August - what happened there?!

I know what happened - holidays and stuff. The 'stuff' mostly consisted of wind and rain, but on the couple of sunny days we did have I managed to whip out the easel: