Saturday 29 January 2011


On occasion I have been known to scribble a quick kiddy story, so why not put them on a website? Why not indeed:

Bunny No. 3

Oh poor bunny number 3 with his plain background, just a filler, third in a series, will anybody ever want him? ...

Saturday 22 January 2011


nmaD, nmaD, nmaD, nmaD. I take it all back, it's not quite the total disaster I was thinking it would be. I've painted the lines grey (which I always thought I might have to) and outlined the white heads and praise be, I can live with it again.

Also managed to finish another new exciting wallpaper landscape (this time with broken cowboy doll - yeehaw! cos that's what they say, although being as this is the lone ranger that's very wrong)

Saturday 15 January 2011


Damn, damn, damn, damn damn. You start these things, you get all excited and then you put the background colour on and it all goes wrong. I like the figures, I like the pink and I like the guy with the glasses, but the 6 white heads aren't working for me. I'm going to have to redo them or paint them out or something ... Damn.

On a brighter note here's my video I posted ages ago on you-tube which I've figured out how to embed. (Not rocket science I know, but little steps - I'm psyching myself up to do the twitter thing again, but maybe it's too soon.)

Friday 7 January 2011

Carpe Diem

2011 - oo yes it's gonna be big.

Enough of Jeffery Archer (for now). Here's something a bit more interesting:

And the work in progress is still progressing. It's getting to the exciting bit:

What colour will the background be? Oo I can't wait ...

Find out in next week's thrilling episode.

As someone said to me as I gloomily looked forward at 2011:

"Attack the day"