Friday, 10 May 2013


3/5/13 pm

Can't stop now - it's still sunny. Well, almost. It's sort of clouding over, but the sun peeks out every now and again. I try Margaret's Buildings as a location, but [gasp!] the Lime Lounge has gone! The lovely bright splash of colour half way done has been replaced by some sombre grey cafe. I'm sure it does a lovely cup of coffee, but it's not working for me compositionally so I head back to the crescent.

The tree guys have finished. All that remains of the drumandbass guys is a plastic bag full of empty beer bottles. Ah, lovely. Just the occasional thwack of a football and a "pass the ***ing ball you ****er, you ***** ***** *****" - an idyllic scene. 

I have to remember the sunshine most of the time, but it seems to come out okay and at least I brought my brushes.

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