Sunday, 4 January 2009

Back on the Blog

It's been a little under a year and I find myself inexorably drawn back to the blog. It isn't big and it isn't clever, but I find myself needing the discipline of the weekly confessional to help drive the paintings forward. Like some furtive flasher I've had a taste of it and now I can't resist the urge to burden the world with my ramblings - just one more, it can't hurt, surely, and if I'm quick and I do it in the dark, I won't get caught - no one will ever know ... 

I have no pretensions that this is anything other than for me, so I apologise if you were looking for something more. It's just too easy to let the days and weeks slip by without making that trek into town and standing in front of the easel in front of the public in the freezing cold. That said I've not been out painting this week and therefore there's no new picture to post - I could burden you with everything I've done since the last blog, but I'll settle for the portrait of Jim and Charlie. For anyone who may vaguely recollect previous blogs when I accosted a regular passerby while I was painting on the street and asked if I could do his portrait, voila the results.

No new paintings then, but I post this anyway because I am New Year Resolved and, well, we'll see how long it lasts.

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