Sunday 18 January 2009


Damn - not a good start to the day. Stupid me - not thinking and I opt to take my daughter to school instead of my son and as a result I'm driving in the opposite direction to where I want to paint AND it's raining (forecasters are wrong again if only by a few hours) and all my rain gear is in the studio which is on the other side of Bath again AND it's rush hour and by the time I finally get everything sorted and find a place to park I'm nearly an hour behind plan and pretty steamed.

I'm painting near Pulteney Bridge and I'm amazed at the number of bendy buses that go back and forth across the famous historic landmark. I realise that the prohibition of cars generally has got nothing to do with preservation, but merely one of the many tactics employed by the town planners to make it as hard as possible (for artists) to get from one side of Bath to the other.

The extra effort to get the wet weather gear was, however, worth it as the rain continues to mock the forecasters. I haven't got the right palette for rain, but it's not coming down so hard that I can't get away with it and I realise I'm starting to enjoy myself despite the odd mumbled curse as I make the wrong brush stroke. I'm round the corner from my Mon - Wed office in Laura Place and thinking of them beavering away in an accountancy like fashion helps to cheer me up. It's Friday, I'm out painting and there aren't many places I'd rather be.

A little old lady stops to say hello and we have a brief chat and then she announces in a tourist drive kinda way although I can't see her wearing the t-shirt, 'I love Bath', before moving on.

Well, YES, little old lady, so do I.

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