Sunday, 15 February 2009

Inside and Out


I'm standing, painting, in the window of an art gallery which is holding an exhibition of my work - It's like I am art! ... or perhaps a performing monkey.

Still it could be worse - I've got my back to the window so I can't see or hear anyone outside. That said, they can see what I'm painting, so the pressure's on to make it half way decent. I have occasional cause to regret my decision to paint the interior of the gallery itself (oo er - painter becomes art & gallery becomes painting - derderdoodooderderdoodoo - twilight zone or what?)

3 things better that being outdoors:
  1. It's warmer;
  2. There's a continuous supply coffee, lunch et al from the friendly gallery staff; and
  3. I can't hear any shouts of abuse from passing builders.


I start by finishing the Lansdown painting - it doesn't take long and not much happens. lol makes me promise to show her the finished painting - I agree, but don't warn her that I'm going to be writing all over it.

Afternoon and there's a bit of sun, so I storm into town determined to finish the painting of Quiet Street (or is it John Street?). The shadows aren't quite as they were when I started the thing back in November, but I make a few adjustments and it's all good.

I should have a big tourist information sign on my head because I get a long stream of interruptions:
  • Where's the Chapel Row Gallery?
  • Do you know how to get to the Theatre Royal?
  • Where's the Post Office?
  • Where's the you know, er, that crescent place? (This accompanied by hand gestures trying to describe the world renowned georgian architectural masterpiece with a few finger twiddles.)
  • And finally some guy in a car (yes, I am beckoned over as if I'm not actually busy doing something) who's looking for a hotel in Newbridge. He's so far off the mark, all I can do is wave him vaguely in the right direction and wonder why he didn't think to bring a map.
Only other conversation of note:

Young woman: "What's your name?"
Me: "Ben, Ben Hughes."
YW: "I did a project on you."
Me: "...."

I'm embarrassed, she's embarrassed, I smile, she laughs and I think we're okay, but before I can actually say anything she's gone.


  1. Just found your blog and love it. Love your art and little diddles of stories. Thanks

  2. well it doesn't get any 'bigger' than that...a project on ben've made the big time bro ;)