Sunday 1 February 2009

Of Legs and Builders


Great Pulteney Street and brrrr it's cold. I've painted GPS before, but not this particular view and besides, my doctor's surgery is No.35 - I've got an appointment in a couple of hours so it's a good spot to kill time. I'm not ill or anything, just a precautionary thing. I was on holiday last year and striding out excitedly in my little swimming shorts on the first day only to be greeted by "Aaaagh!" from my daughter, "What's that?" She was pointing in horror at a particularly large lump under my skin on the upper part of my left leg. I looked in surprise, never really having paid it any mind before and, yes, I supposed it was quite large. Anywho, ever since then, I've been constantly badgered by family, one and all, to get the varicose veins checked out, AND, while I'm at it, get him to have a look at those moles. Moles - another one of those things that creep up on you. One minute you're walking along minding your own business and suddenly, there's another big hairy one. Talking of hairy .... no, let's not go there.

A song called 'I Was A Teenage Steve McQueen' is buzzing through my head as I set up the easel. No relevance really - just thought I'd mention it.

The pavement is not wide, so I've got to set the easel at a different angle from usual. The consequence of this is to give every passing motorist (& builder) a good view of the painting and I know I'm asking for abuse.

Sure enough it's not long before the first 'Rubbish!' is bellowed by someone leaning out of a passing van. Still, at least it was printable.

Next, and a bit later on it's, 'Great painting!'. What?! Where did that come from? - ah yes, a kid on a bus. Not for the first time I wonder what happens to us? When do we turn from enthusiastic youngsters to abusive, belligerent oldies? And why? Oooo ... I'm sure there's some deep socio-political answers, but my head is hurting already. I think I've written about this before - so many blogs - how can you remember everything you ever rambled on about? May the God of Blogs (for he doth prefer that to the 'Bloggod') smite me down if ever I mention how cold I ... KRACKABOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!


Three fatal errors:
  1. Assuming that the van parked in my way on double yellow lines with flashing hazard lights would move;
  2. Gambling on the cloud breaking up at the last moment, leading to a dramatic sky full of colour and light and
  3. Thinking that the Upper Bristol Road would make a great painting - it keeps luring me in and then whammy! I'm suckered again.
In case you're wondering, to paraphrase the doctor:

"Hot damn, that truly is one ugly leg! Now, quit wasting my time and get out of my office."

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  1. Ha, ha, classic blogging from someone who has seen aforementioned legs !!