Sunday, 24 May 2009

Before and After

Thursday 21/05/09

A freebie invite to the south west region chartered accountants annual dinner (exciting stuff - I must contain myself) finds me digging deep into the wardrobe to find my old tuxedo (good word - better than dinner jacket). There's a little bit of debris in the pocket that tells me I haven't worn it since 1994, but praise be, it still fits (breath in ...). I manage to scrape off the bit of dirt on the jacket that I obviously never got around to dry cleaning and I'm good to go. To cummerbund or not to cummerbund, that is the question.

There's a fairly low key feel to the do (or so I'm told by those that regularly attend these things - "you should have seen it last year, now that was a ball; the glitz, the glamour, the showgirls ...") due to the economic climate, but regardless and surprisingly, considering I'm in a room full of accountants, (or maybe unsurprisingly, given the free wine) a great time was had by me. I manage to foist a couple of my arty business cards on to a couple of people that might make a difference and leave before getting too drunk.

Tux off (... and breath out) and back into the wardrobe - no need to dry clean, I'm sure it will be fine.

Friday 22/05/09

Feeling slightly hungover (see above). I did mean to go out and paint, I really did, but after a portrait sitting in the morning and getting the studio sorted for the OPEN STUDIOS WEEKEND I can't summon up the energy. By the afternoon I'm running on empty. Still, the portrait seems to be coming on okay, so here it is instead. Obviously not finished, but it's got the makings of something.

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